Making Lemonade

We all know that expression that goes -when life gives you lemons, make lemonade-  and I often admittedly add vodka to mine, but regardless of how you prepare your lemons I really do think it’s best to find a way to like them.  There are a number of things in my own life and in the lives of people I care for that are not going particularly well.  Some situations for some of us are just a bit sucky, and some situations for some of us are really total bummers…but life just keeps on moving forward whether one is on board with what’s going on or not!  The laundry still needs to be put away, the floors still need to be vacuumed, the bills still need to be paid, the weeds still need to be pulled, hours still have to be worked to pay for things, and hours still have to be rested in order to revive…so no matter HOW we find ourselves at this very moment, or WHERE we find ourselves at this very moment, or WHY we think we are dealing with what we are at this very moment, it does not really matter, AT ALL…things are going to get brighter or better if we believe it so…and things will stay the same or get worse if we believe it so.

I have dreams and I have high hopes and I have great expectations, frankly it is how I live…I get into ruts sometimes, we all do I suppose, where I focus on the negative or the bad or the uncertain and create needless worry in my thoughts of the worst possible situations that could become my life. BUT I do this FAR LESS FREQUENTLY than the “better” way to think, which is focused on the positive and the good and the potential for all the wonderfulness I wish for and work for and aim for, to come to fruition.  I know people who deeply believe that our thoughts manifest our life…worry too much and worry is all you’re going to do…think things will never improve, and never improve is what’s going to happen…this idea makes perfect sense to me, and is why I do look for the bright side as often as I can even when I sometimes find I am starting to zone in onto the bleak, I really try to apply the brakes and turn around!!!

I know so many people dealing with so many things, some good things and some bad things, and I know so many women like myself who keep running-running-running, juggling, doing, making things work…because they feel they just can’t stop and are not making the effort to reboot and reload and recover and who feel like they are simply going to crash and burn…so today even though I do have to work on a Sunday, and so today even though I am tired and sore from hours of yard work yesterday working at home, I am looking at the bright side…customer will be so happy that her decks are done when she arrives back at the beach on Thursday, customer will be so happy that the rest of her gardens are planted when she arrives back at the beach on Wednesday, I will be so happy to earn another day of pay, and when I get home I am going to have a tall glass of lemonade…if any of you are feeling overwhelmed or upset and can’t seem to find the bright side today, it’s really okay and it doesn’t hurt to add the vodka…


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