It’s no secret

In the winter of 2007 I got a book from the library and a dvd the same week from Neflix called ‘The Secret’ and I realized this morning, the last month I guess, that it really is no secret at all…the mind is an incredibly powerful tool and our thoughts do become our life…we do create our universe with the thoughts we think.  Anybody who knows me well, or reads what I write, gets the vibe that over several months this last year I was in something of a rut, or slump, or funk.  Any descriptive word will do that expresses the simplicity that I felt blue, not ‘myself’ and that really I was in a sucky place…BUT nothing was different, at all from months before the slump…I was still crazy in love with the most beautiful boy I’d ever laid eyes on, I still lived in my dream house built from scratch, I still lived next door to my gloriously perfect grandchildren, still had a job that I really found fulfilling and never to be boring…the fact of the matter is the ONLY thing that HAD changed was what I thought about.

By late August I felt tired.  Tired of being blue, tired of being sucky, tired of thinking things that left me feeling  confused, tired of feeling ‘off.”  I learned a LONG time ago that the only way to get to Neverland is to think happy thoughts and last month I made a mindful change to change my mind.

Situations do not change overnight, people do not change overnight, what we think we want from life can’t change overnight, BUT what we think about, and how we think about those situations, people, and wants CAN change in a split second if we wish them to.  I did not need some ethereal music and a psychic on a dvd to tell me this secret.  I did not have to push myself to read through the drivel in a best selling book to understand this secret.  I just had to figure it out on my own, through the help of loving friends and people in my life who are good people and happy people and content people and secure people, who already understood that the thoughts they create become the life they make…purposefully feeling positive, feeling gratitude, feeling fulfilled, even when THEIR lives are perhaps not moving constantly in the direction they hoped or chose, they know the secret…keep thinking happy thoughts.  I learned from Peter Pan as a very little girl, that you can’t fly if you don’t think happy thoughts, and worse, the longer you keep yourself from the happy thoughts, the more impossible it seems to get ‘back.’  J. M. Barrie wrote, “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”   It seems Peter knew ‘the secret’ all along.

1 thought on “It’s no secret

  1. I am new to this website, and wondered if you posted any update to this. I would love to hear how you are doing today. Blessings, Carol

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