Merci. Thank You. Gracias. Arigatou.

I am often exceedingly difficult to be around.  I know this, not so much because I have been told it is so, but because I KNOW…so much so that I often want to escape from my own self.  

I am writing today to a special person who has shown me great kindness and deep affection despite my frequent irritability, daily obsessiveness, habitual sarcasm, and occasional unease.  I am a person who rearranges the dishwasher after he fills it.  I am a person so annoying about how the towels and sheets are folded that he does not venture to the laundry room unless it is absolutely necessary.  I am a person who puts his wine glass in the sink before it’s even empty.  I am a person who wipes down the kitchen counter seconds after his hand has lifted off of it.  I am a person who is sometimes moody and morose, yet regardless, he smiles at me and his eyes light up and I am instantly transformed into someone cheerful and uplifted.  This special person was unknown to me this time last year and now I can’t quite  imagine a year without him.  

I am a silver lining seeker, in almost all circumstances, and this special person has looked beyond my quirks, peculiarity, and flaws and finds a silver lining around me every day.  This special person has found me beautiful when I am at my least beautiful.  My house was always filled with music, but this special person has brought a different kind of song  into my life where there was an uncomfortable silence for too long.  Thank you Drummer Boy, for having the key & unlocking my heart and bringing more fullness to my life.  

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.
It turns what we have into enough, and more.
It turns  chaos to order, confusion to clarity, a house into a home,
and a stranger into a friend.”  
Je T’aime.  I Love You.  Te Quiero.  Aishite Imasu. 
Merci.  Thank You.  Gracias.  Arigatou.
Happy Valentine’s Day, R*

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