T:   three wee-girls, the awesome drummer boy, togetherness.

H:   house, health, hugs.

A:   affection, acceptance, attitude-adjustments.

N:   new love, new dreams, new future.

K:   kisses, kindness, karmic deposits.

S:   soul-sisters, sage smudges, supine Sundays.

…sure, the list can always go on, but spending a few minutes thinking about thanks, is a good lesson in figuring out what matters to us today and why.  We “deserve” nothing, are “entitled” to nothing, and in my ever so humble opinion, must earn all that we cherish, whatever it may be.

One could say that really giving thanks is having the wisdom to do it daily; but reality bites us too often, more often than not, and we simply go about our lives, seldom pausing long enough to say to the universe, or god, or to those who matter dearly to us, “Thank you,” for, well, whatever…so today I am very thankful and I hope I can train my brain to start to give thanks daily for all that is good and all that is right in my world.

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