Magic Moon

The number of terrible decisions I’ve made is far greater than the number of fingers and toes I have on which to count them.  It is irrefutable, if that’s the right word choice, that I have made dreadful choices that I now regret deeply, or if I think about them, simply indeed wish otherwise…BUT that brings nothing but suffering.  Dwelling on what never happened and ruing what once did is just like sitting in a mud puddle of negative thoughts …the doom and gloom of thinking of all the woulda-coulda-shoulda is cold, wet, and dirty, and no place to linger.  THE BEST THING about being a silver lining seeker, such as I call myself, is that there is ALWAYS something to look forward to…always a way to think about a bad situation differently, always a way to examine a seemingly awful thought from a more optimistic perspective.  Does it ALWAYS work to turn a frown upside down?  No.  Does it ALWAYS help to think positively instead of negatively, no matter the circumstance?  Yes.  Yes it does.

I love thinking about wishing on the full moon tonight; I love thinking about this last full moon of the month, of the year, of the decade, and how it is as much the “right” time to start anew as New Year’s Eve is.  What could be more powerful than The Long Night’s Moon, as this one is called, as it ends one cycle and starts a new one…just like that. It made me think of this quote, how it’s never too late to start over.  Every day is a chance to do something differently.  Buddha asserted that what we do today is what matters most, that each morning we are born again.  To think about your own self differently, or to think of others in a better light.  So many people make New Year’s resolutions and so many people break them before Valentine’s Day.  I certainly have over the years.  How exciting to start early on December 12th?  Why wait til the 31st??!!

I have tried in my adult life to find the good in people in general, and when it becomes obvious to me that in a particular situation, there is no good to be found, I am quite cable of severing the infected limb so to speak, and move on. I also have been well aware, for all of these years of my life, and recognize, that while I have made so many questionable decisions, I have also been very lucky.  Things have had a way of working out, sometimes taking longer than I would wish, and I have not had as much suffering, of any sort, as many.  For this I am exceptionally grateful, and perhaps that recognition is what keeps me positive.  I try to share that “upbeatness” with others; shine a light when it’s dark in a way.

The moon will be magic tonight.  If you know somebody who is too sad or mad or busy to notice it, go outside tonight and notice it for them…take the cold moon of December and let the light of the full moon fill you up, fill you so you overflow, and can spread it around…if you have an abundance of light, when others have none, or lack the strength to find it, what else can you do but spread it??  …a lot of people right now are hurting, and many people are going through difficult circumstances…I know some personally, and I know of others, both physically and mentally, deeply in pain, and if I can use my silver lining seeking powers, and honest belief that “things will be better tomorrow,” to help ease the suffering of anybody, then that seems as good a way as any to use the magic of the moon end a decade and start a new year…

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