there goes the neighborhood…

If you believe that human life starts the moment of conception, I don’t think you would want to ever have an abortion.  If you are very religious as well, I am pretty sure that even if you got pregnant by accident, you would never have one.  If however like me, you believe that life starts only at the moment you decide that you want this cluster of cells to keep growing, and eventually leave your body as a fully formed human baby, which you want to care for and raise to adulthood, or perhaps put up for adoption to a loving person who can’t have children, then I think if you find yourself pregnant and don’t want to be, you would be consoled to know that there is a safe, clean, comforting, and legal way for you to get un-pregnant.

I am not interested in a debate.  Not at all.  It is pointless for both of us, because I believe what I believe and you believe what you believe.  If you don’t think it’s right to abort a fetus then don’t do it.  EVER.  NEVER WOULD YOU EVER, so just don’t even consider it for a fleeting moment, it is not an option for you.  If you feel so strongly that abortion is bad, wrong, immoral, sinful, ( you could insert any word here that you like: vile, wrong, wicked, unholy, believe me, the thesaurus has TONS of synonyms, )  it’s likely that you have been diligent with your birth control methods and make certain you never have an “accident,” and if you got pregnant, because of your beliefs, you’ve accepted the obligations, responsibilities, and financial strains and burdens of having a child, and I imagine you are most pleased with your decision, for all the reasons that deeply and profoundly matter to you.

Much like it troubles me enormously to see a beautiful clear-red-cedar shake house re-covered in vinyl siding, like, I think sadly to myself, “how on earth could they do that?!”  You see, vinyl siding goes against my sense of aesthetics, it goes against almost everything that I find beautiful or pleasing in an exterior of a home.  I choose to live in a house with wood siding and would never EVER build or buy a house with vinyl siding.  I HATE it,  I hate it very much, and because it so violently troubles and offends me, and my belief of what a house should be, I won’t ever consider owning a house with vinyl siding.  I would not however go to Universal Supply and march in front of that big warehouse where they keep all this offensive vinyl siding and try to keep other people from buying the vinyl siding.  I feel strongly that if you are building a house you should want to side it with wood, but since it is YOUR house and not MY house, and it’s your own money, and you want to have vinyl instead of wood, you should be able to side your house with whatever material appeals to you, despite the fact that I personally hate it. I don’t think it’s right, or reasonable, that I should  have a “say,” or that I would want to have a say in the way you choose to side your house.  I do what I want with my house, and you should be able to do what you want with your house.

My next door neighbor, who I like, A LOT, has vinyl siding on her house.  She loves it.  I don’t mind that she has it on her house even though I look at her house every single day.  It’s HER house.  She chooses what she wants HER house to be.  Do you see where I am going with this?

I don’t understand how, on the news this morning, there was discussion about, yet another Fox News republican debate tonight, and that THIS issue, the issue of CHOOSING WHAT TO DO WITH THE SIDING ON YOUR OWN HOUSE, THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR AND PAY TAXES ON AND TAKE CARE OF UNTIL YOU’RE READY TO SELL IT, is still an issue that people feel the need to discuss and debate over and over, year after year.

What I choose to side my own house with is my choice, and what you choose to side your own house with is yours.  If you don’t like wood siding, by all means, buy a vinyl house, but please don’t think that everybody should have to like vinyl siding, or want vinyl siding, or be against cedar in all circumstances.  Please don’t think it should be the law, that all new construction has to be covered in vinyl siding and that cedar siding should no longer be available.  If you like vinyl, have it, but please please please, don’t force others to share your views, beliefs, or opinions.  I respect your choice to not have a cedar house. My choice to have wood siding is yours to respect as well.  It’s not one-way, it’s balanced in fairness…what you think is important is no more valid than what I think is important.  Your beliefs that vinyl is better, only means that you would WANT vinyl.  My belief that vinyl is ugly and offends my senses and love of houses, only means that I want wood.  I know it troubles so many of you, that I don’t like vinyl siding, but there are so many more important things in this world that should matter than whether or not your neighbor prefers wood to vinyl…Don’t you see, the neighborhood is so much lovelier when we get to choose…

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