The Greatest Show on EARTH

Here I am, on planet earth, in the United States of America, in New Jersey ‘The Garden State,’ walking distance to the bay, and a short drive to the ocean, with woods on three sides of my house, and my pantry is full, I took the girls out for frozen yogurt, and took the girls to 5Below, where I never spend below $5 dollars…and many are complaining right this second about something…too many mosquitoes, too humid, too much traffic, too cloudy, too crowded, too something…always there is somebody with something to complain about.  I have made a choice, after deep thought and serious contemplation all winter long, to just be happy.  Today I was thinking about how lucky I am that I get to be a white woman living in the USA, owning my own house and my own business, and having enough.  Sure, there is a lot I would want to have that I do not, and I would like some things to be different, but all in all, I have enough…of everything.

I have enough love to last me the rest of my life, and enough money to get through the month and hopefully next month I will have enough for that month too, I have enough food to feed a household throughout the day, today and this week and this month, I have enough land that I don’t have to see a neighbor unless I look for one, I have music and I have laughter and I have books and I have friends and I have a house that I LOVE, I have shirts in my closet with the tags still on them and shoes I HAD to have that I wore one time…When you think, really think about this modern life on this planet earth, OUR life, the kind of life you, gentle reader, and I live…there is so much to be thankful for it makes your head spin…I saw some photographs this morning of emaciated African women in tribal dress, used for shock purposes, in a mock advertisement of sunglasses, handbags, and watches…beside the price of the item was the cost to feed her family for a year, or supply a village school for a year, or stock a household for a year…for the price you and I have paid for good sunglasses that we lost at a bar, for a good handbag that we toss in our back seat, for good watches that we don’t even wear anymore because we use our iPhones for clocks.

We are lucky beyond our wildest dreams; living this life, on this planet, at this time in this dimension, in this itty-bitty dot of space on this spot of the universe.  There is so much to be glad for and thankful about in this circus of life, this circle of life, this chaotic or calm…this is the greatest show on earth, this thing called living…let’s all try to do it well.

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