shine on

You know how good it feels, like down deep in your soul,  like how you feel it in your belly or a tingle in your spine, when you see a really happy loving couple?  Or, a joyful adventurous toddler, or compassionate nurses tenderly caring for someone ill, or a teenager being kind and helping an old man with his shopping bags, or, or, or…when you see happiness and good, you also can feel happiness and good.  STEP 3 makes something my Nana used to say to me even more clear and to the point, “pretty is as pretty does.”  BUT she could have just as well been saying to me, all those years of my life, happy thoughts show on your face, good deeds and kindness show on your face, doing unto others and all of that Golden Rule jibber-jabber is good for your skin,  and that nobody wants to see a miserable frowning sour-puss!  step 3It’s quite likely that if you are in a “bad place,” nothing has changed since last night and this morning your thoughts are still racing, or you are still mad about ___blank, or you are still freaking out about the collection agency calling, or you are still sad about the argument you had with Tom, Dick, or Harry…BUT you don’t have to STAY there.  Bad Place thoughts are like a shitty motel…you might need to be there for a night, because you have to BE somewhere, but it’s no Four Seasons, it’s no place you want to stay for any length of time…pack up and get out!!!  AND my daughter just got back from the Four Seasons in Maui with her fabulous new boyfriend, so I have this detail from a reliable source!  It is possible to turn bad thoughts into good ones and give your perspective a tweak towards the happy…find a way to look to the bright side, even when the dark side is trying to pull you in…If you already always look lovely and seldom have bad thoughts, “Yay you!”  but this closing then is for the rest of us…So today, another cold day and another likely gray one, do your best to follow Step 3 if you think it might work for you…

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