A La Peanut Butter Sandwiches…

Remember the Amazing Mumford, from Sesame Street?  His tricks seldom went the way that he was anticipating, despite his efforts and to always say his “magic words.”   I wish on stars, burn sage, put notes in my prayer bowl,  leave the last bite of food for the Buddha,  throw the pinch of salt over my left shoulder after a spill, and don’t step on cracks, and truth be told, I have lots of magic words, but despite my efforts, the magic does not always go my way.

Today is a new month.  I have changes to make, both physical and mental, and I am frankly forced to admit, regardless of  my unwillingness to do so, that there really is no magic involved.  It ALL has to come from me; better choices, smarter decisions, superior judgment…

My cousin used to own a gourmet to-go restaurant called “The Easy Way Out” which I thought was a positively brilliant name for such a business, but in the business of self-transformation, there is not an easy way out.  The only way to have more money is to work harder and spend less.  The only way to get into these 11 pair of skinny jeans is to eat healthier and work out, a lot.  The only way to have a better life is to make one.  I am the captain of my ship, the ball is in my court, I’ve got to paddle my own canoe, and wake up and smell the coffee…nobody can do for me what I need to do for myself, and therein lies the ‘magic words’  for me:  It all begins with me.

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