Get It? Got It? Good.

A cyber friend of mine posed a question today on Facebook that got me thinking; “would you rather hear I love you or I get you?”  and it got me thinking about how many times I heard the words -I love you- in my life and how many times they were, often in the next breath, followed by words that criticized my framework of thinking, or my philosophies of life, or my ideas and ideals, wants or wishes, or well, whatever…judging words.  Words that to me meant, I love you…but.

When I read the question, it took me only a second to decide my answer, and  I concluded that for me, “I get you” is far more meaningful and loving, you know that unconditional kind, that is given freely and with no limitations,  than the L word.  In every way I can imagine, somebody who GETS me, not just on a deeply profound level, but even just in my day-to-day ways of thinking about life, myself, my place in the universe, my choices in how to interact with other humans, my idiosyncrasies, means far more to me than any LOVE ever could.

I looked to my right, to the beautiful drummer boy sitting in my passenger seat, and I realized, in those brief moments of thought that THIS man, THIS person who walked into my life only 209 days ago, GETS me in a way that nobody ever has.  I also feel loved in a way that I have never before known, and the kindness he demonstrates and understanding he provides, is a gift.  The best gift any man has ever given me, and it cost nothing.   He knows where I have been, he knows where I want to be, he knows where I’d like to see myself in the future.  I’ve shared some of my darkest times and regrets and stories and secrets and still, he loves me.   He accepts me, for all that I am and all that I am not, & to be clear, all that I hope to be, and shows me sentiment and unconditional understanding like I have never before experienced.  I really think he gets me, he really gets me.  And you know what?  I get him too.

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