A new year is upon us.  With a new year comes obligations, resolutions, or shall I write a sense of purposefulness?  We all, I think we all, set our sights on some goal when a new year comes to us, yet none of my goals for a new me in a new year ever come to fruition.  Do I lose my momentum by January 2nd?  Do I not really mean what I say or think about my future?  Sure, I have had goals at several times in my life and achieved them, but for some reason the ones I make on New Year’s Eve always tend to be pushed to the back burner of my life and simmer there, in my periphery, waiting for my attention.  Do we make these goals just to make ourselves think we can achieve them?  It seems like a waste of breath and thought for me to make some sort of bold announcement to the universe, an expression of my strong desire or will, only to NOT do what I say and think I should like to do.

smart sign

I saw this image on Facebook this morning, and it seemed to sum up most of what I was going to write about today.  So this year I shall think different.  There are a handful of things about me and my life and the way I live that I would like to change.  They are not earth shattering revelations, they are small changes I could make that would in fact simply make my life better.  The ONLY thing stopping me from making these changes is me, ergo the only thing that will make them change is me.  It would be easier if one could blame others, or some external force, but really when any of us make a resolution in the new year it is nobody’s job to be done but our own.

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