Hello world!

Good day gentle reader.  My pseudonym is RStar and this is my on-line journal.  I am a woman who loves men, coffee, the color purple, sterling silver jewelry, her grand-babies, her home, her truck and her job…and frankly LOTS of other things but those are the first things that popped into my head when I thought about what I loved.  I am however a woman who is trying to drink less coffee, who is trying to reduce her present weight, and who quit smoking almost five years ago and still tries to blame THAT (and that she had a baby, despite the fact that the baby is now a grown woman and a wife and mother herself)  on why she does not fit into any of her jeans…

I have found, over the last few years, that my cyber-space-life, as I fondly call it, is a place where I have discovered more ‘common ground’ than anywhere else…now to be fair, I reside in a small town, I work alone, I live alone, and I don’t have a particularly active social life, and while I love my extended family, we have little if anything in common…so my cyber space social life makes my rather small real life far bigger…it expands my world if you will.  I have found so many like minded men and women with whom I can share my ideas and my thoughts, even if we never meet, because of this modern world of social networks.

Over the last couple years I have shared some of myself with readers in my various blogs that explored weight loss, anger, love, heartbreak, and familial relations.  I have found many like-minded and forward thinking friends, both real and cyber, through my writing and so now, in a new season and a new year I start anew and always hope to find in any relationship, if nothing else,  common ground…

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